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ArtTIME is a federally-funded grant project designed to provide high-quality model arts instruction for students in 3 elementary schools and 2 middle schools in Lafayette Parish.

  ArtTIME will be implemented over the course of 4 years and will include on-site programming, field trips for students to local museums and professional development for teachers.

ArtTIME will provide teachers with: professional learning opportunities and training in the research-based curricular program Visual Thinking Strategies.

ArtTIME Schools       

Evangeline Elementary         

G. T. Lindon Elementary 

J. W. James Elementary           

Judice Middle                         

L. J. Alleman Middle

   Visual Thinking Strategies

VTS is a student-centered, research-based curriculum that uses art to foster students' capacities to observe, think, listen, and communicate.

VTS asks students to:

  • Look carefully at works of art
  • Talk about what they observe
  • Back up their ideas with evidence
  • Listen to and consider the views of others
  • Discuss many possible interpretations

For more information visit the VTS website at :


In the fall of 2013, Nick Gardner, VTS Trainer, presented the ArtTIME /VTS Training Opportunity to principals of all schools in Lafayette Parish as part of the dissemination component of the Arts Model grant. Twenty-seven new schools not originally included in the ArtTIME Grant completed surveys which indicated their interest in VTS training for their teachers. During January and early February, 2014, teachers from 10 new schools attended Introduction to Visual Thinking Strategies Training and were dispatched to begin practicing VTS in their classrooms with their students. Additional dissemination plans include more Intro to VTS Trainings, and practicums in Lafayette, Alexandria and New Orleans, Louisiana in advance of the close of the AEMDD Grant Funding period.